Notes on the un-conference formats

In connection with the unconference format of ThatCamp Madrid 2011, Enric Senabre (Vice-President of the CyberSociety Observatory), reflects in this paper on the models of non-conventional events similar that this. As a reflection to the debate, these formats would be characterized by the following elements:

“(a) be highly related to the socio-technological, (b) depend on the ability of self-organization of its participants and (c) invite participants to be brief, as well as the dynamic articulation of agendas and programs that compose the event.”

Although the unconference format is not among his proposal for the collection, reading the article is extremely interesting as an introduction to ThatCamp Madrid 2011. So hope you enjoy :)

Nuevas dinámicas presenciales de intercambio de conocimiento: cuando lo online se apropia del espacio físico. (By Enric Senabre – Spanish version).

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